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Sustainable Biodiesel Summit 07 - San Antonio - Biodiesel in California [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Biodiesel in California

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Sustainable Biodiesel Summit 07 - San Antonio [Jan. 5th, 2007|12:10 am]
Biodiesel in California



This was posted on the Biodiesel Coucil of California yahoo group. I thought some of you might be interested:

Join us at the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit in San Antonio, TX this
Feb. 4
"Sustainability is about reverence of interconnections"
This will be the 4th year that we are gathering together to share good
information with each other about growing the biodiesel industry with
respect to the communities it serves. If you are doing anything on
the community scale concerning biodiesel, this is the national
conference for you to attend. If you were there last year, you
already know how valuable it is to meet and mingle with like minded
folks. (http://energy.biofuels.coop/archives/000377.html)
Sustainability is part of the biofuel discussion now and there are
exciting developments around the corner. Come join your partners from
across the country and find out how you can help each other and do the
work you're doing back in your community better. Come find out the
information you need to run your business better.

We will all be staying together at the El Tropicano on the Riverwalk
in San Antonio – which in and of itself is worth the journey. Last
years' participants said the SBS was one of the best conferences they
had attended – packed with good solid information – and still one
the best benefits was having a room full of like-minded folks who are
also working the industry that you could turn to and reflect with.

Register now for the best deals!
Conference is $100 until midnight Monday Jan. 22, 07
Registration includes full day of conference, and meals for the day –
Note that Lunch and dinner will be local organic cuisine!

After Jan. 22 the price for both registration and the hotel go up.
$115 registration until Feb. 1
$150 registration after Feb. 1/ on-site.

For hotel reservations please register as part of the Sustainable
Biodiesel Summit. You can call the toll free reservation number is
(866) 293-1842 or email at reservations@eltropicanohotel.com.
Rooms are $119 until midnight Jan. 22, 2007.

Plan on arriving on Sat. Feb. 3 so you can go to dinner with everyone
Sat. night and join us for our poolside movienight.

Please spread the word to other interested parties! and link to our
website from yours.

SaraHope Smith

"If the success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended
on how I am and what I do. How would I be? What would I do?"
R. Bucky Fuller

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