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Biodiesel in California
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You would think since California is the second largest market in the United States for diesel fuel, there would be a huge incentive to use the animal fat/vegetable oil-based fuel biodiesel. This American-grown alternative fuel is good for the environment, cuts our dependence on foreign oil and keeps our energy dollars at home. However, California's Department of Food and Agriculture's Division of Measurement Standards is about to institute the most stringent biodiesel regulations in the country. Its Air Resource Board (CARB), whose regulations are adopted by at least 30 other states, is now looking at ways to regulate the fuel. Finally, since the main feedstock, oil from soybeans, is grown in the Midwest instead of California, biodiesel users in California pay a premium to use this fuel.

This community is for discussion on anything biodiesel-related in California. We hope to include news about distribution, production, regulations and policy that affect the industry in the state. Events are also welcome, as is information on purchasing or production co-operatives and collectives, and other resources.

Since events come in at random times, and some of the news stories are out of chronological order, you might want to veiw this community and, our other information, through the following menues:

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